Artifical Intelligence generating an article



Gravity Storm Software, LLC. is a long-time innovator in the area of Desktop Microsoft Office Add-Ins. It developed numerous add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Word Express Add-In is the company's latest creation. It integrates GPT and other AI technologies, such as DALL E 2 and Whisper, into Microsoft Word.

It enables a user to:

  • Generating text using GPT-3 API based on user's prompt.
  • Generating and editing images and creating image Variations based on textual prompt, using DALL E 2 API.
  • Using embedded ChatGPT (OpenAI original) to generate text.
  • Transcribing audio and video files into text, using Whisper API.

Integrating generated content into Word document:

  • User is able to insert all or selected generated text or image into existing or blank document at cursor.
  • User is able to replace selected text in Word document by all or selected generated text.
  • User is able to summarize selected text in Word document and review the result.
  • User is able to rephrase selected text in Word document in two distinctive ways: concise and detailed, and then review the result.
  • User is able to extend the selected text in Word document with the same line of thought and details and examples.
  • The transcribed text from audio and video files can be inserted into Word document at cursor, and original transcribed files can be saved for later retrieval.