Gravity Storm Software, LLC. Launches GPT4Audio:

An AI-Powered Speech-To-Text Desktop Application

San Diego, CA, Apr 11, 2023 – Gravity Storm Software, LLC., a disruptor in innovative software solutions, has launched GPT4Audio, a powerful stand-alone desktop application for Windows that uses the latest AI technologies to transcribe and translate audio files from multiple languages with OpenAI API. GPT4Audio also includes dictation capabilities, allowing users to dictate into their microphone and have their words transcribed in real-time to their screen and recorded to an audio file simultaneously. Additionally, GPT4Audio offers easy management and playback of recorded audio files.

This new product is the second GPT-based application from Gravity Storm Software, LLC., following the successful launch of Word Express, an Add-In to the desktop version of Microsoft Word that leverages OpenAI API to generate text and images, including Article Wizard that produces articles, blogs, and marketing content based on topic and a few keyword, all integrated in Microsoft Word.

GPT4Audio offers outstanding accuracy and speed in audio transcription and translation, making it the perfect tool for professionals across industries, including journalism, legal, medical, and more. Its advanced speech recognition technology ensures even the most complex sentences are accurately transcribed, and its intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage and playback recorded audio files. The application also offers Dictation – a real-time text generation text by the dictating to microphone.

GPT4Audio is available now for download at company’s website:
Users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial period before opting for a subscription or perpetual version. For more information on GPT4Audio, please visit or contact customer support at

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